Drawing with Parth Patel

In 2021, GDAG commissioned two new drawing videos from local artist Parth Patel, whose illustrations are reaching people around the world through the artist’s YouTube channel Art Forever. Parth’s time-lapse videos show precise technique and planning, as he adds lines and marks that may at first seem random, later revealing their function in the total piece.
Two New Drawings by Parth Patel (2021)

Parth Patel, like many young artists in the digital age, is a self-taught artist. His inspirations include anime, cultural figures, abstract artworks, and animals. Since 2017, Patel has been showing his work through the popular social media platform YouTube. Patel’s drive for sharing his process and desire to become a full-time artist highlights his indomitable passion for the arts and illustration. 
Many young artists work in digital communities, and Patel is no exception. There are numerous resources for artists and an incredible library of open-source tools. Parth’s YouTube time-lapses demonstrate his process to his followers as he builds a drawing from a blank page. While he works in traditional drawing tools such as ink and coloured pencil, both the way he shares his work and the subject matter he chooses reflect a deep connection to our digital landscape. Anime, such as One Piece and Pokémon, and popular figures such as cricket players and political leaders, are all drawn with incredibly saturated colour and attention to detail. 
Parth’s illustrative style shows a deep understanding of colour and form, whether he’s drawing a manga character or athlete. By sharing his process, he also participates in the same open-source and collaborative environment which has allowed him to learn, share, and grow. These communities, which owe their lineage to early forums on the internet, foster an environment that resembles an open studio. Being on YouTube allows others to see his process as well as develop their own. By watching his videos, you both participate in his studio practice and become a part of a global community of shared interests. 
In a small town, the need for a shared global community becomes even more valuable, as it allows for constant creative growth and feedback where it may otherwise be hard to find. Many young artists engage in these communities but rarely share their work in a gallery context, which is why we are so excited to host Parth’s work and help foster a community of local emerging artists and illustrators.
– Edith Skeard, artist and writer

Stay Tuned! Coming soon at GDAG:

Drawing Class with Parth Patel

An on-demand instructional video series for drawing anime characters and sports champions. Learn new techniques and how to plan and execute a detailed illustration. More details will be released soon, join our mailing list to stay informed about all of the work we are doing at GDAG.