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The Godfrey Dean Gallery Shop provides space for local and prairie-based artists and craftspeople to exhibit, showcase, and sell artworks in a ongoing curated exhibition. On display now are paintings, drawings, ceramics, pottery, and jewelry from Paula Cooley, Michelle Dall’Acqua, Jocelyn Duchek, Louisa Ferguson, Garry Harris, Laureen Johnson, Val Morhart, Kelly Patterson, Jeann Spilak, and Barry Whitta. The artist showcase features new work from Edith Skeard.

Artist Showcase:

Edith Skeard

Left -to-right:

Untitled Series #1-6, ink, oil pastels, marker, and coloured pencil on paper
each $125 unframed / $225 framed

Somewhere Before, ink and marker on vellum
$200 framed

The Godfrey Dean Galley Shop has relaunched in 2021 and our first artist showcase features Edith Skeard, a Saskatoon-based visual artist, performer, musician, and curator. Edith’s name may be familiar to folks here, as she has been contributing to our gallery over the past years, including as co-curator in 2018 for the Sonja Pawliw exhibition Living Garden, as well as working behind the scenes installing shows and hanging artworks. We couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity to showcase Edith’s artwork through one of her latest series of drawings.

Six pieces on exhibition show the artist’s technique with ink, oil pastels, marker, and coloured pencil on paper. Geometric elements create depth and space and there are suggestions of the human form, flowers, and prairie grass. Deconstructed text elements play with another part of our minds, encouraging our eyes to linger while we find word fragments and possible meanings. As colour elements, the pieces play off one another, and up close the artist’s gestures in mark making can be seen as records of an expression, a moment of creativity.

One other piece on display takes a different approach. Here the materials have interacted, with ink and marker causing the vellum paper to warp. A new texture is revealed, against which the suggestion of objects in space are set. In this piece the sense of scale is large, like a view of a solar system, contrasting the intimate and small-world sense of the other pieces.

These artworks play with our senses, with how we recognize objects and language. The technique is to tell a story with minimal means, to invite us to explore and find our own meaning and wonder in the artworks.

* * *

Edith Skeard is an emerging artist working in multiple mediums including drawing, performance, and installation. Her work often reflects her locality, with open negative space, flora and fauna, and the deep thoughtfulness of a winter mind. A central part of being in Saskatchewan is driving from place to place, and Edith is no exception. Her work often evokes the isolation and tenderness of being in Saskatchewan.

Edith received her BFA in Visual Art (distinction) and her BA in Philosophy (Honours) at the University of Regina.  She has exhibited in Canada, the United States, and in Europe. She currently resides in Saskatoon, SK located within Treaty 6, the traditional territories of the Cree, Dene, Nakota, Saulteaux, and Ojibwe, and the homeland of the Métis Nation. She continues to teach art and work in galleries in Bangor, Melville, Yorkton, Regina, and Saskatoon.

Artists at the Godfrey Dean Gallery Shop

Paula Cooley

Michelle Dall’Acqua

Jocelyn Duchek

Louisa Ferguson

Garry Harris

Laureen Johnson

Val Morhart

Kelly Patterson

Edith Skeard

Jeann Spilak

Barry Whitta

Artworks and prints are individually priced and can be purchased with assistance from gallery staff. We accept debit and credit card payments. Proceeds from sales directly support the artists.