Past Exhibitions

Local Artist Show 2021
June 1 to 30, 2021

Previously known as Landscape & Memory, the annual Local Artist Show promotes artists, artisans, craftspeople, hobbyists, and other creators from here. The exhibition is an opportunity for artists to share their work with the public and to present and install their work in a professional public art gallery. This year we featured more than 150 artworks from 49 local artists, filling both exhibition spaces. As part of Local Artist Show 2021 we also hosted visiting artist Clint Neufeld for a two-day professional development initiative entitled Conversations About Your Art. Presented in partnership with CARFAC SASK, these sessions provided local artists with an opportunity to discuss their work and get feedback from a professional artist.

Geoff Phillips: Plantscapes of the Prairies
March 1, 2021 to April 24, 2021
Presented in partnership with OSAC and Yorkton Arts Council.
Artwork detail: Grassland Seventy Mile Butte (detail), oil on canvas, 2017

“My process includes driving to locations in South Western Saskatchewan, mountain biking with rolled canvas in my knapsack, finding a section of land, unrolling the primed canvas on the ground, paint-sketching the scene/plants, and rolling it back up to stretch and paint in oils later in my studio. I also take many close-up photographs of the various elements and plants found within the scene. Some photos are chosen for reference and printing. These photos along with the paint sketch and my memory/experience of the land inform the painting process.”

Fibre Art Network: Threads of Hope
January 5, 2021 to February 24, 2020
Artwork detail: On Thin Ice (detail), Nancy Riemersma, 2020

Threads of Hope is an exhibition exploring hope, longing and desire for the future of the world. FAN challenged their members to speak about world issues that are meaningful to them. We have an opportunity to consider the same questions in our community, to reflect on our relationship with the environment, what reconciliation means in practice, and how our individual positionalities affect what we hope for.

Paula Cooley and Louisa Ferguson, Passages
November 16, 2020 to December 19, 2020
Artwork detail: Paula Cooley and Louisa Ferguson, ‘Casten’ 2018

Mixing metal, clay, glass, and wood, the pieces in this exhibition show the artists’ process through collaboration. As a symbol, the boat brings us into their creative world; it suggests time passing and distance travelled.

Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson: Calling
September 14, 2020 to October 31, 2020
Artwork detail: Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson, ‘Serenity in Flight’

‘Calling’ is the first solo exhibition of textile artworks by this uniquely talented emerging artist based in Saltcoats, Saskatchewan.

Jeff Morton: To Dream in a Box
September 14, 2020 to October 31, 2020
Photo: Kenton Dupe; pictured: David Stonhouse viewing the artwork

‘To Dream In A Box’ is a mixed media installation mixing light and sound with painted and modified photographic slides and miniature audio speakers installed in lightboxes. The work was created through the Conseil culturel Fransaskois 2020 program Mentorat et visibilité – édition 2.

Local and Regional Artist Exhibition: Summer Light
August 10 to September 4, 2020
Photo: Godfrey Dean Art Gallery

‘Summer Light’ features artwork by Val Morhart, Laureen Johnson, Garry Harris, Katie Miller, Phyllis Herman, Jocelyn Duchek, Barry Whitta, Kelly Patterson, and Jean Spilak, with Heartstrings Jewelry by guest artist Michelle Dall’Acqua.

Annual Local Artist Showcase: Landscape and Memory 2020
Spring 2020

The events of COVID-19 prevented us from calling for Landscape & Memory 2020 entries as usual. Luckily, we could connect digitally and share what so many local artists have been up to over the winter months. The idea was simple; if you live in Yorkton or the surrounding area, send us photos of your artwork and we will promote and celebrate your work on our social media.

Local and Regional Artist Exhibition: Winter Light
Winter 2020
Artwork detail: painting by Barry Whitta

‘Winter Light’ features  is our new local and regional artist exhibition with Val Morhart, Laureen Johnson, Garry Harris, Katie Miller, Phyllis Herman, Jocelyn Duchek, Barry Whitta, Kelly Patterson, and Jean Spilak, also featuring Heartstrings Jewelry by guest artist Michelle Dall’Acqua.

Bonnie Conly, William Philpot, and Crystal Rassi: Signposts
February 1 to March 23, 2020
Artwork detail: Crystal Rassi, ‘100 Years’, 2016

‘Signposts’ is a touring exhibition circulated by OSAC. Rolling yellow fields, farmyard debris, barbed wire fences disappearing into the horizon line, southern rural Saskatchewan is filled with familiar icons. ‘Signposts’ brings together three Saskatchewan-based artists who examine some of the imagery that dots our prairie landscape.

Judy Niebergall: Fearless Explorer
November 10, 2019 to January 17, 2020
Artwork detail: Judy Niebergall, ‘Fearless Explorer’

‘Fearless Explorer’ is an elegant and luminous collection celebrating 50 years of creative work by one of Yorkton’s most accomplished artists, Judy Niebergall. Judy has been exploring a diverse range of mediums and techniques, including watercolour, Asian sumi-e ink and watercolour brush painting, acrylic and oil painting, print making, photography, and mixed media.

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