Curated by and presented at the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery in the summer of 2021, POWERBOXES was a sculptural art installation and a playful take on modernist painting. From artist David Stonhouse, the exhibition recreated industrial fabrication and building exteriors as modern geometric abstract paintings, transforming the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery into an immersive surreal space, cheerfully bold and colourful.
In POWERBOXES, artist David Stonhouse painted directly on the gallery walls and installed sculptural paintings in a unique art installation. The exhibition made connections to modernist painting and relief techniques, including the specific history of modernist painting in Saskatchewan and Canada, Eli Bornstein and Elizabeth Willmott, among others in the structurist art movement being good examples. David Stonhouse’s work expands on this history, proposing new ways that art can be perceived and created in response to our contemporary environment and the infrastructure we have built.