Saturday Morning Art Classes

with Shirley Hart

* Registration Opening Soon *

Instructor Shirley Hart and Studio Assistant Marissa are back in the studio with a new series of colourful art projects starting May 1.

Ideal for participants ages 6-12, classes take place Saturday mornings, 10:30am-noon via Zoom. Participants will need access to a computer or tablet in order to participate, and we will send out meeting invitations in advance of each class.

Quality art materials are provided by the gallery and must be picked up in advance of the classes.

Cost is $10/class, and you can register for all of the classes or for specific ones you are most interested in.

Saturday May 1 – Sneaky Chameleon Painting

Paint a colourful and cute chameleon blending into its environment! Where is it hiding? What is it imitating?

Shirley Hart leads participants through a plan, building on an initial drawing, and painting increased levels of detail to tell a story with a picture.

Art Supplies: art paper, mixed acrylic paints, black crayon, pencil and eraser.

Saturday May 8 – Long Road to the Mountains

Imagine a long drive and a road running off in the distance. In this class we learn how to draw a picture of far away mountains, and a landscape with trees, water, and creatures!

Shirley Hart teaches about one-point perspective through drawing and colouring techniques.

Art Supplies: art paper, pencil and eraser, pencil crayons (mixed colours).

Saturday May 15 – Model Magic Octopus

That octopus is so excited to see you! Look at how it waves its arms!

Shirley Hart leads participants step-by-step to create an octopus sculpture using coloured air dry clay, teaching about construction, planning a sculpture, and posing the octopus arms.

Art Supplies: model magic clay – white clay and small amounts of various colours (red, yellow, blue, black)

Saturday May 22 – Multi-Colour Turtle Painting

Learn how to draw and paint a colourful turtle with moveable arms and legs! Underwater colours are beautiful. Where do you think the turtle will go? 

Shirley Hart shows us how to follow simple steps to make a big painting with cut-out arms, legs, and head, teaching drawing, paint and brush techniques, and cut-out construction.

Art Supplies: art paper, mixed acrylic paints, small and medium paint brush, and pencil and eraser.

*Supported by the Government of Canada‚Äôs Emergency Community Support Fund, Yorkton and District Community Foundation, and SK Arts.