New Bernard Style (2022)

Curated by GDAG, media artist and digital creator Andrei Feheregyhazi created four immersive augmented reality scenes to explore with a smart phone or tablet. Walking through the exhibition, visitors could see Bernard the Bird and his friend the Walking Egg on a journey together through caves, climbing mountains, and walking in a forest.

The video documentation below shows some of what the experience was like, with the augmented reality animation superimposed onto the gallery space like it appeared for a visitor.
As interactive art, Andrei Feheregyhazi’s work is inspired by theatre and storytelling, something that he was immersed in from a very early age. Where is Bernard going? How long will it take to get there? The story is told through scenery and walking, not with words.

Common throw-away materials like cardboard boxes and spray paint have been carefully crafted to trigger digital animations using one-of-a-kind software written by the artist himself. It is a unique kind of do-it-yourself handmade art—a mix of puppetry, theatre, printmaking, and animation, brought to life by the artist’s skill with analogue materials and contemporary digital technologies. 
This one-of-a-kind art exhibition was created specifically for our art gallery in Yorkton and was produced with additional support from ShARed Spaces (Saskatoon), BAM Saskatoon, SK Arts, and the Canada Council for the Arts.