Culture Days 2021

September 24 to October 24

This fall for Culture Days 2021, we are sending you flowers! Produced by the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery and Shared Spaces, this project will bring an augmented reality experience into the homes and workplaces of people in Yorkton and across Saskatchewan.
Starting September 24, 2021, we will mail 500 postcards with a unique AR trigger. Point your phone or tablet camera (using the Shared Spaces app) to see a virtual bouquet of flowers appear! We want to celebrate and (digitally) brighten the spaces where we have been spending time over the past year. The Shared Spaces app includes a function to take photographs of the AR bouquet in your own space, so when you receive a postcard, set it on your kitchen table or in your art studio, or take it outside and share a snapshot from your garden.
Want to participate? All members of the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery will receive a postcard, and we will also work with community partners to reach people throughout our community and across Saskatchewan. Not a GDAG member? That’s fine! You can sign up by contacting the gallery.
Quantity is limited, and we will be mailing the postcards at the beginning of Culture Days 2021. Don’t miss out!
* * *
Shared Spaces is a three-year project of the University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries & Collection exploring how Augmented Reality (AR) can create opportunities for connection through art, both by making art accessible anywhere through approaches such as digital 3D sculptures and by providing additional content that is often personal in nature. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Sound Art Performance and Workshop with Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson + Bell Dreams

Saturday, October 23, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Local artist Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson presents a music performance with crystal bowls and string instruments, creating a beautiful and calming sound experience. Accompanied by the trio Bell Dreams (Ernie Dulanowsky, Jeff Morton, and Edith Skeard), the group of artists will present a 3-hour performance followed by a 1-hour interactive workshop.
As part of Culture Days 2021 in Yorkton, the public will be invited to see this performance in the Land Titles Building, in a come and go format, with audience members stopping in briefly or staying as long as they like. The casual drop-in format encourages people to engage while remaining open and comfortable. The presentation space will be set up to include comfortable seating, yoga mats, and chairs. The bright and open venue will contribute to a sensory experience of being surrounded by sound and light.