The Flower People (2021)

Melanie Monique Rose, The Artist, The Scientist and The Lawyer
triptych, needle felted wool on wool cloth, 2021
From November 1 to December 23, 2021, GDAG presented The Flower People, a solo exhibition of new and existing works by Métis artist Melanie Monique Rose. The exhibition project included an art-making workshop led by the artist, an artist talk event with special guest artist Tristen Durocher.
Below, the artist statement, images, and videos represent an archive and record of this exhibition exhibition project, curated at GDAG, and produced and presented in partnership with Sâkêwêwak First Nations Artists Collective.

Melanie Monique Rose, The Flower People salmon
needle felted wool on wool blanket, 2019
“The Flower People is a story about me, my family, my people and our connection and relationship to the land, ourselves, and each other. It is derived from the name ‘The Flower Beadwork People’ a name given to the Métis who are well known for their floral beadwork.

“Felted pieces, combined with the use of collected blankets create a canvas for my personal exploration of identity as a contemporary Indigenous Artist, alongside my Ukrainian heritage. My floral imagery invokes stories of people, place, and the land. Personal, cultural, and universal symbolism are woven into the fabric of my work with an emphasis on movement, colour, and narrative.

“The slow, process-orientated execution of felting becomes meditative and at times acts as healing and a prayer to my family and community. My most recent works are personal acts of Indigenous survivance & solidarity.”

Artist Statement by Melanie Monique Rose
Left: Melanie Monique Rose, The Flower People red/black # 2
needle felted wool on wool blanket, 2019
(on loan from SK Arts)

Right: Melanie Monique Rose, Coalesce
Re-worked vintage Hudson Bay coat, wool and satin hood,
needle felted wool, antler and fur, 2017
(on loan from Métis Nation Saskatchewan)
The Flower People, exhibition view at GDAG
The Flower People was presented in partnership with Sâkêwêwak First Nations Artists Collective, with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, SK Arts, Métis Nation Saskatchewan, the Indigenous Art Centre, and the City of Yorkton. Special thanks to North 40 Fabrics and Yorkton Public Library.