It is a rare opportunity for our gallery to curate an exhibition and host a visiting artist from outside of the province. Vancouver-based artist Ho Tam’s exhibition was a major installation—hundreds of images, photographs, prints, design elements, and texts explored topics of identity, history, culture, and social justice.

On display in the fall of 2022, the exhibition featured visiting artist Ho Tam leading a hands-on book making workshop at Blue Drip Art Supplies in Yorkton and an artist talk and gallery tour at GDAG.
Artist Statement:

TIMELINES is about connecting the dots and extending the lines. My interest in art lies in its potentials in communicating with viewers. Many of my projects began as a personal response to what is within and around me. As I age, I begin to reflect on my practice and to see my body of work to be a whole, rather than numerous smaller and individual pieces.

For the exhibition in Yorkton, I will rethink my idea of exhibiting and approach it from a different perspective. To me, the exhibition is an extension of my art practice.

TIMELINES is an experiment, in the sense that it could take the viewers and me to different places and times. The result of an experiment could never be predicted. But it is one that we could also learn from, whether a mistake or success. It will, in fact, be a life lesson.